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Weekend Warrior, Sports Enthusiast to Youth Sports Training

Basic Sports and General Fitness Training for Athletes of all ages and fitness abilities.


We all love to play sports and be active. Whether you, your son or daughter plays tennis, golf, baseball, football, hockey, a cheerleader or dancer practicing regularly, only occasionally or just wants to be more fit, healthy and safe for the sport played, let us assist you.


…The Coach Knows The Game, We Know How To Train…

…What Is Proper Conditioning For Me or My Child?…

…What Will The Conditioning Program Be Like?…

We Provide Easy to Understand, Easy To Follow Instructions

…The Coach Knows The Game, We Know How To Train…

Just as athletes learn the basic skills for participating in their sports activities, they also need to learn how to prepare their bodies for these activities. While coaches are educated about specific skills needed for their sport, we are knowledgeable in proper sports conditioning techniques, which are crucial for the long-term health and safety of the athlete’s body.

“Many young bodies are not prepared for many drills performed for their specific athletic activities,” Marianne notes. She explains that, especially for young athletes, overexertion, over training or improper training can cause injury to developing bodies that can impede health for a lifetime. Their bodies are growing and maturing. Their joints, ligaments and tendons need to be protected as athletic seasons lengthen and injuries from overuse increase. Through supervised training and proper conditioning, young athletes can play and excel in their specific sport or activity safely and efficiently, and mature athletes can enjoy the benefits of fitness and flexibility even if only as weekend warriors. Developing proper and safe training habits for your sports at any age is essential for creating a lifetime of healthy bodies.

Adult athletes need to to train smart. Since we are not getting any younger adult athletes need to adjust their training to match their age and fitness condition.  Many adults play sports, are highly active and even take up new physical activities well in to retirement.There are specific programming for all ages to make sure one is well prepared for vigorous activities.

…What Is Proper Conditioning For My Son or Daughter?…

As a parent of two sons that are involved in athletics Marianne knows first hand, from a fitness trainer perspective as well as a parent’s perspective, the importance of developing good health habits and proper training at an early age.

We Provide Easy to Understand, Easy To Follow Instructions

  • Basic Training for youth and adults in ALL sports and activities
  • Proper Warm-up and stretch techniques
  • Agility Training
  • Proper use of free weights and other resistance options
  • Core Strength and Balance Training
  • True facts on nutrition

…What Will The Conditioning Program Be Like?…

Training programs can be developed for any athletic organization. Alternately, we can work individually with adolescents, teenagers or adults on a one-on-one basis. A unique program is designed based on the demands of each individual sport, activity or individual to generate confidence and guide each client on the road to physical and mental excellence.

Programs for athletic organizations focus on on-going skill training for any season. On an individual basis, effective conditioning and significant athletic improvement can be achieved with clients training with us as minimal as one hour, once a week.

Skills training in sports may make good athletes, but combined with proper conditioning techniques, one will become more proficient and safer at their sport and able to enjoy sports activities injury-free for a lifetime.

Contact Marianne King at or 724-695-2239 for a consultation to discuss a program that would meet the needs your son or daughter or their athletic organization.