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Does your body feel like a Picasso Painting?

Does your body feel like a Picasso painting after the holidays? Let me assist you in balancing muscle tightness, pain, limited range of motion w/ Muscle Activation. http://mkfitness4life.com/muscle-performance-specialist/. I provide in-home training, develop affordable in- home workout area, train in my private studio, virtual training, and have a small group training class in imperial. http://mkfitness4life.com/group…/findlay-township/ […]

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The Problem with Lifting Too Little

  The Problem Lifting Too Little A recent television commercial advertised the wonders of a new type of cat litter. The scenes transition from a woman in a parking lot loading her car after shopping, who throws the cat litter to a man on a bicycle, who then throws it to the person in the […]

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Exercise Boosts function in Mature Adults

Exercise Boosts Function in Mature Adults In 2030 the older population will be twice as large as it was in 2000. Growing from 35 million to 72 million representing nearly 20% of the total US population, according to government projections…. Research continues to support PHYSICAL ACTIVITY as a way of staying healthy and functional in […]

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