Personal Training

Personal Achievement Starts with Personal Fitness

Offering training programs that will be:

  • sustainable long term
  • meet your specific goals
  • provide you with an enjoyable experience

The two go hand in hand. Let a professional guide you toward your goal of better health and better fitness. It’s affordable and, more importantly, effective. We bring your fitness program to your home or office with professional fitness training. It’s like having your own personal gym. Our mission is create customized programs to meet your goals through a one-on-one relationship with an experienced professional fitness trainer. We assist you in achieving a balance of mind, body, and spirit through out your journey of life. We are committed to providing the guidance, knowledge, motivation and understanding to help you make and sustain lifestyle changes to keep you healthy for a life-time.

… With all that, it is no wonder so many report they have a boost in their self-confidence, mental alertness and more enjoyment of life in general as well! Make a commitment to your health today—give us a call to set up a no-obligation initial appointment! (724) 695-2239.

Experienced in:

  • Young to geriatric clients
  • Physically fit to obese clients
  • Private Pilates Mat training
  • In-Home training
  • Team Training (developed for each particular sport)
  • Student Athlete Training (strength, agility, speed, balance, stability)
  • Playbook Pilates for Athletes
  • Injury Recovery
  • After school community group & student programs
  • Periodic program design

Only need a new exercise program approximately every 4 to 6 weeks? This programming will give you progressive exercises on spreadsheets you can execute on your own. Changing your exercise program periodically is essential to achieve continued hypertrophy and attainment of your fitness goals. This will allow your mind, body & spirit to always be challenged & keep your workouts interesting.

Let Marianne take the assumptions & guess work out of your work-out.

  • Marianne designs your program for your specific needs/goals. There is a different fitness recipe of each person. Since you are unique, your fitness program will unique, progressive & sustainable for a lifetime. It will be strategic & appropriate for your fitness level.
  • Marianne balances strength, endurance with cardiovascular fitness including core, balance & stability training for over-all structural health.
  • Your programs will constantly progressing & evolving for successful long-term wellness success. Life’s journey is long. Let’s get you to participate in it for life.
  • With all sessions you receive a spreadsheet with your exercises and detailed pictures.

Participation for Life
Enjoyment for Life
“Fitness for Life”

Personal Training Advantages with Fitness for Life

  • CONVENIENCE – Fitness For Life will come to your workplace or home for all sessions.
  • CERTIFIED – Marianne is certified through a nationally certified organization American Council on Exercise. IDEA member
  • AFFORDABLE – Fitness For Life’s fees for sessions are reasonable. We work within your budget. There are no expensive membership fees.
  • EVALUATION – All clients complete an extensive medical and exercise history questionnaire and sit down consult. This helps Marianne to design a fitness program to meet each client’s unique goals and needs.
  • COMFORTABLE – Since we work with you one-on-one in personal training, you will feel relaxed and at ease while receiving a fitness program to meet your specific needs in the privacy of your own home or workplace.
  • GOALS – Marianne helps you set realistic and safe goals so you will be sustain to your exercise program for a life-time, feel successful and most of all enjoy the journey to better health.

Why Personal Training

  • We take the guess work of finding the best training method for you and your lifestyle.
  • We help you work-out smarter not harder.
  • We design a fitness recipe just for you – effective and efficient
  • You see results and goals meet more quickly
  • New to exercise? See what hands on professional supervision and guidance can do for you
  • Special needs? we can work with-in the your specific physical requirements
  • Experienced in exercise? Hit a plateau? Let us build you a new program to attain your next goal
  • Busy? We can design a time efficient program for you
  • Athlete? sports enthusiast? weekend warrior? Let us train you for your event through sports specific training
  • Youth/teen – Let us begin your child’s wellness journey on the right foot, whether they are an athlete or just looking to become healthier.


  • better sleep
  • reduces stress
  • increased concentrate
  • increased confidence
  • increased productivity
  • increased daily energy
  • better coordination and balance
  • increased cardiovascular strength – stronger heart, lungs
  • increased strength – bones, tendons, ligaments
  • increased motivation, elevates mood
  • improve flexibility, range of motion in joints
  • decreased ratio of adipose tissue (fat content) to muscle fiber tissue
  • increase base metabolism
  • increase sports performance
  • with formal exercise guidance diet usually improves
  • decrease risk of injuries – sports general
  • Better health: decrease risk of diseases – osteoporosis, some cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes-blood sugar, high cholesterol, depression, obesity,
  • General over all increased feeling of well-being. | | Phone (724) 695-2239 | Fax (724) 695-8797