Never Have Exercised

Fitness for Life says it all for me. Most of us are born with the innate ability to move freely, exercise, and work strongly with our bodies. Then life happens, a twisted ankle, a fall, a sport injury, childbirth, overuse of our muscles, uncomfortable shoes, a bicycle or car accident, or the natural onset of arthritis. With Marianne’s God given ability and training, she was able to locate my own body’s weaknesses from doing life, and “wake up” muscles that had been shut down. I felt immediate strength that first day she used muscle activation therapy that overtook the painful areas in my body! I hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for years, I had so much back pain! I couldn’t even play with my grandchildren.Exercise was so foreign to me. Marianne taught me simple movements that progressed and graduated to differing levels of movement, along with a host of information to live my life in balance and health. I went to her 6 months ago with the inability to sit, walk, or exercise pain free and now I am gratefully feeling “fit for life”! ” Judy Hironimus 2018


Fitness and Friendship Forged

You certainly have made a difference in my life! If it wasn’t for me reaching out to you nearly 15 years ago to help me with my health and weight, I would not be where I am today. You helped me understand the importance of fitness, not just exercise, as part of one’s life, and the importance of nutrition. Over the years, small steps in both directions have made a difference for me. I lost almost 40 pounds and feel better today at 60 than I did in my 40s. You became my health “coach.” When you say your business name is “Fitness for Life,” you mean it. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance you gave me over all of those years, for sharing our lives and our faith with each other. And thank you for the friendship we forged as a result. I am blessed because of you! Pat Jennette August 2014

Golf, sugar levels, endurance, weight

Dear Marianne,
Wow! What a difference your training has made in my life!
1. down 12lbs 2. Endurance 200% better 3.Sugar levels down 4. Golf game up
The best thing is that you are also a Christian. I like being around like minded believers. Soon I will share my testimony with you. I do not believe in coincidences only “God” incidences. No doubt in my mind, you were an answer to several of my prayers. The word “Transformational” is over used but in my case you are transforming my life.

Many thanks, Fred Morelli August 2014

No Cartilage in Knees

“I have been training with Marianne since February. I have no cartilage in either knee. I have had knee pain and hip pain for years. I took ibuprofen several times a day. I have been under the care of an orthopedic doctor for about 7 years. Ice and over the counter medicine was the only source of pain relief. Ibuprofen took a toll on my stomach and I am no longer allowed to take anything but Tylenol. It does not work for me. I was told about Marianne King and Fitness For Life. I talked to her and she came up with a plan to strengthen the muscles around my knees to take the pressure off of them. After about a month, I started to notice that I was taking less and less ibuprofen. Now I do not have much pain at all. I can now run stairs again and walk long distances. I keep up with the plan she sets for me and I feel so much better! She is a real motivator!” Patty Cobb  August 201

Independent until 89 years of age

Jeannette Paulson

I would highly recommend Marianne King’s Fitness for Life services for any mature adult wanting to keep healthy and independent.  My mother, Jeannette Paulson, was in her early eighties when she first met Marianne.  She was recovering from her second hip replacement and was not very motivated to do her exercises.  I became her caretaker and didn’t have much luck convincing her that she needed to keep up with her exercises.  A friend referred Marianne King’s Fitness for Life to me.  When I first approached my mother with the idea of a personal trainer coming into her home to help her recover and help her return to a more active life, she was not at all receptive.  I convinced her to just meet Marianne and have a consultation and we’d go from there.  They became the best of friends and there was nothing my mother wouldn’t do to try to please Marianne.  Marianne has a very special knack when it comes to working with seniors.  She knew just how to motivate my mother in a firm but yet gentle way.  My mother lived with my husband and me.  She had an apartment attached to our house and so I could hear Marianne and her during their sesssions laughing and just having a great time exercising.  My mother went on to have two knee replacements and Marianne was there encouraging her all the way.  She lived several more years after the last knee replacement and I thank Marianne for helping her to remain healthy and independent.  Although she died suddenly at the ripe age of 89, I am convinced she was with us a little longer due to the joy she experienced with Marianne as her trainer.

Joan Nofsinger Oakdale, PA


“Aha” Moment

“You always hear about the “aha” moment or pivotal decision one makes before embarking on a new journey or path, I was your typical cliche. Christmas had ended and like so many others, I know I over indulged on cookies, cocktails and merriment. Also, our family was making some life changes that really emphasized how important it was for me to get healthy.

I think the single factor that really hit home was having someone very close to me make a statement and it wasn’t directed at me but I heard it and took it to heart. We love the show Mike and Molly. It is a highlight on Monday evenings to watch and get a good laugh to get you to Tuesday. We were talking about the show and a family member had never seen it because her husband refused to watch it because the main characters are fat. Wow, I thought. If his decision to not watch a great show was because they were fat, then how does he see me?

About a year ago, I started a new job and the opportunity to have all screenings done and receive $100.00. I am pretty good about knowing my numbers but this was a great way to start the year. Well, was I shocked. My weight had skyrocketed, my cholesterol was borderline dangerous and my blood pressure was way out of whack. Now, I knew I had to get serious. Not like I had in the past but honest to goodness lifestyle changes.

So, all the previous times I began a program, I was with other people. This time, I embarked on my own and knew it was up to me to make it happen. I knew my eating wasn’t bad food, but just too much food. I was eating about 2400 calories a day. Too much bread, refined sugar and dairy. I realized, that eating natural foods, reducing my portions and moving was the best bet. I have done weight watchers and Atkins and Sugar busters so I know the routines. I started going to Marianne’s classes again because I knew I needed the extra kick to keep me motivated. Marianne is an excellent motivator. No matter what size or shape you are in, she is awesome at helping you to get moving.

The weight loss was a little slow to start but after about 3 weeks of eating brocoli every day, less bread, no sugar, unless God made it and water, lots of water, the pounds began to fall off. about two months into the program, I decided I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted so I added a 3.5 mile walk 6 days a week. Rain or shine, light or dark, my family and I make the journey through town. With Marianne’s lunch fitness classes and the extra walking, my shape, started to take shape. Everything has improved, my size, wardrobe, my attitude, my stress level and my skin. I have had bad skin since infancy. Though this process, 43 years later, I truly believe all my skin issues were due to milk and dairy. I wake up and somedays, skip the foundation and feel so much better about my skin. It is amazing, humans are the only mammals on the planet that continue to drink milk past infancy. I believe there is something to this and really loved milk but like clear skin better.

Think about the food you “say” you can’t live without and compare to the quality of life you can have and see what makes more sense. I love peanut butter, but having good cholesterol is better. I love pizza but shopping for “normal” sizes without Xs and W attached to the size is better. I love bake goods, but not taking insulin for Diabetes is so much better! See, the pluses of quality of life vs. great food are insurmountable. I do treat myself. I do have something when I want it but now, I take 1/4 of what I used to and feel satisfied. To date, I have lost 32 lbs and have a goal of 30 more. I know it isn’t going to be easy but being healthy is too important not to do it. I take no medications, sleep so much better at night and am a much happier person to live with.”


Lisa Fitz
Project Manager
MIS Electronic Funds & Processing
PNC Bank


Being able to function better each day

Sally hired you as a Personal Trainer in 2010 and hired you more than once
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“As a person who really hated exercise but as one who knew I should exercise, I thought a trainer could be the way to go. I had no knowledge of where to start, and wanted guidance as well as motivation in the process. I knew the selection of a trainer was key in making this change. It had to be someone I could relate to, not some 20-something body builder. I had to want to spend a few hours a week with them. Marianne has done a marvelous job of starting with what I could do and taking me to the next level. She is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works, exercise, and nutrition. She is wonderful at adapting exercises to the physical level of her clients. She is very invested in her clients’ well-being and takes the time to think through how to get them to the next level. I highly recommend Marianne. If someone can get me to enjoy exercise, then you know they’re good at what they do!!” August 16, 2012

Sally Roddy


“She always seems to know when to push and when to take it easy on me. She always knows how to make an exercise harder, but not impossible. Always beneficial. Thanks Marianne!”

Mike Holl


“Every Monday, I look forward to Pilates with Marianne. She is always upbeat and it is never routine. Being the only male in the group doesn’t bother me a bit either. I can tell the “core” exercises are keeping me fit and balanced and I am getting more flexible by the week. Mondays are now exciting!!! Thanks Marianne!!!”

Micheal Tutolo PPG Industries


“I have been training with Marianne off and on for about 5 years. She challenges me yet makes me feel I can do anything. She has been helping me with my balance, weight and over all well being. I love my sessions with her. I can honestly say that when I follow her training I feel better, look better, and am more confident.”
Darlene Quallich
“I have taken classes with Marianne for almost 10 years. She is positive, fun, and informative. She adapts her classes to meet the skill levels of all in attendance so there is always something to challenge you. I am a runner and the core work has made a HUGE difference both as an athlete and from a personal perspective. I definitely notice when I miss a class. I am a big fan!!!!”
Christa Kulczycki Heinz USA
“When it comes to Marianne only 2 words come to mind..The Best! I have taken classes with Marianne for 5+ years and credit her with my continued flexibility and strength. Marianne approaches coaching the way we all should approach life, holistically. I recommend Marianne to everyone both young and old, beginner or expert.”
Peggy Braun Heinz USA
“Marianne’s classes have made a huge impact in my life. I lost 22 lbs since Jan 1st this year and I am continually losing about 1 lbs per week. I enrolled without enthusiasm (the last Pilate instructor had us chanting for 5 min at the end of the lunch time session) and expecting the same routine that I knew by heart. Marianne was a great surprise: her classes are always different, I never get bored. She is fun and I just don’t know when my stamina increased and I was able to do more difficult exercises. I will take her classes for a long time to come. She is the best. My body became toned and I she makes Mondays fun for me. I highly recommend her to everyone looking for a Pilate workout that is not strenuous or, boring and in the same time highly effective.”
Adriana Popescu-PPG Industries
“I have taken classes with Marianne for a year now and continue to look forward to days when I have Pilates with her. She is always encouraging and caters to the class’s fitness level, introducing harder techniques as the students advance. I have noticed definite improvements in my strength, flexibility, and balance. I recommend her classes to both beginners and more advanced students.”
 Maggie Kucera-Federal Government

I’m a 58 year old runner and have been training with Marianne for about the last 5 months. Her wealth of knowledge is amazing! Today I ran a 6.2 mile cross country race and finished STRONG, ran it about 20 minutes faster than a 5 mile cross country I ran in June and finished 2nd in my age division. Thanks Marianne for all your knowledge and support .

Nancy S Sept. 2013