Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and workshops


• How do I fit exercise in with my crazy work schedule?
  With tips on how to incorporate more movement into my day

• Why, how, when…enjoy- How the make your fitness program last a lifetime. Forget the gimmicks

• How stress effects you and what you can do to reduce the effects of stress on your body and mind

• Walking programs and workshops
learn how the power walk and incorporate stability and strength training into your walking program

•  Eating, exercise= feeling good – discussing how the 2 interact

• Barriers of a successful wellness program – honest excuses for not making exercise apart our one’s lifestyle

•Stress-where does it come from? How do you manage it?

•Back Care

•Cardio, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility-What does it all mean?

•Safe and appropriate training for weekend warriors
balanced training techniques for those who are highly active on weekends

•Band exercises and more for office health…Practical exercises for the workplace
 Receive take away exercises. Bands if the company/provider would like to supply them for the partipcants

•Youth programs