Another Success Story with Muscle Activation

Judtin came to me on a Friday. He had been in bed for 2 days after straining his back doing a simple task. ( It happens that way so many times) He came in with a cane, all hunched over. He couldn’t walk up steps or lift his leg when we started when he was on his back. We navigated through the muscles the were shut down/disfunctioning causing the muscles in his back to spasm through muscle activation. We barely touched his actually back. (the symptom, not the cause). By the time he left after hi hour session, he could lift his leg from a supine position ,walk without a cane (very gingerly still) and he could walk up the steps. Justin was able to work on Sunday after I saw him. He came back one more4 time and has been doing well since. Another success story that is so inspiring. I certainly give praise to our Lord that He has endowed me with this gift of healing.

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