Another Success Story with Muscle Activation

Another success story with Muscle Activation! Since we were in Florida longer this year, I needed a hair stylist. The first-time Judy cut my hair she was in a great deal of pain and discomfort at her knee joint and wearing a brace. If she moved a certain way, she would get severe pain. Besides that, she had issues with her hip and, upper back. She went to PT once and they were giving her cookie cutter exercises and not treating the disfunction. After our first session with Muscle Activation, we reduced her pain/discomfort level in half! After the third session, she was only having “some” discomfort going up steps. She was not hobbling anymore, and we started working together virtually when I headed home. We began with isometrics to reeducate the muscles then back to base movement patterns based on what was dysfunctional. The cause not the symptoms of the pain. If you are having soft tissue pain/ tightness/discomfort, give me a jingle!

ankle dorsi flexion

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