My Immunity Testimonial

I wanted to share my immunity story with you, so you could view the below lecture and article links with perspective. I too (as the doctor giving the lecture) could never understand through this pandemic, why for the first in my lifetime, if you got sick, they sent you home with nothing, no treatment ( like with the flu) and only go to the hospital if you really got sick. Why no treatment suggestions? It is a virus, and we know so many treatments for viruses. So here is my story as to why I keep my immune system in gear at all times. This is a wake up call for ALL of us!

When my son, was having trouble breathing one night when he was sick t after 3 years of age, we went to the hospital. They wanted to start him on an inhaler at age 3ish!!! I said no. At the time, I was also getting allergy shots once a week. What a pain. My sister was using homeopathy at the time, so I asked her to send some books on it. It made sense, so we found a homeopathic MD in Pittsburgh.  The MD made me very secure. She not only treated our one son but our other son and me over many years. We each found our constitutional homeopathic remedy and put us on a road, to using natural medical treatments/supplements/remedies as much as we can. Colds, ear infections etc. To this day, due to early natural intervention, our one son is VERY rarely sick at all! Through the years we have been able treat many health concerns, illnesses through natural integrative methods. In the process, I found an integrative functional energy medicine chiropractor, who has also been a god sent.

When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was on chemo for a year, my homeopathic MD and natural energy doctor, started me on a regiment of supplements to keep my body strong. I was able to eliminate three side drugs (anti-nausea, anti-constipation and antibiotic) because I was taking supplements. One of the first supplements the doctor put me on was high dose D3 among other supplements (see video) With good supplementation and cold laser treatments, I was able to get through chemo much better than the average person and we saw a reduction in the size of my tumor which 65% of the time my type of tumor does not reduce in size. It just stops growing. During chemo my thyroid was damaged, so I am now on compunded thyroid medicine.(individualized for me) This is where, I also found out balanced hormones are extremely important to your overall health too. I was on generic thyroid medication, which was not working, so I went to a hormone integrative MD which added to my health balance. Hormone balance and immune balance can go hand in hand.

When “covid” came along, I knew at the very beginning, I was going to be able to “endure” all of this because of my healthy lifestyle and strong supplementation. I never feared it! My family and I were exposed to covid we had very little to no symptoms. Praise God. Why? Strong constitutions, our weight is  in balance, strong immune system. We took supplements prophylactically. 

The moral of this testimony is that we ALL have to develop a healthy lifestyle through one’s diet and nutrition, including supplementation, especially when we are sick, so we do not have to be boldened to vaccine after vaccine that are not necessary!It is like the boy who cried wolf. If we do not use vaccines or shots discriminately are they going to of any effectiveness or worse continue with unintentional side effects. For a few diseases, it is necessary. Too many vaccines can have adverse effects for many people, long-term. We have to start to do our due diligence in researching. We have to responsible for our own health and not allow big pharma to dictate “what is best for us”. They are trying to make money. Follow the money and you know why they are pushing vaccine after vaccine so very hard. Place fear in people’s minds and they become a sheep to the first and “most repeated” thing the media tells them. 

After my experiences with natural, integrative medicine, I will always go that route first. Use modern medicine only when truly needed. i.e. chemo then support my body naturally.

Two highly educated integrative doctors in Pittsburgh are Dr. Ed Kropf and Dr. Dino Pierotti. My homeopath MD has since retired. I surround myself with medical counsel that treats me as an individual and whole person not just the symptoms of a particular disease. I thank God each day for putting these doctors in my path. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to have the life I love to maintain. Active, energetic, at peace. I want to be strong and healthy when my grandchildren come!

Please view this video and articles with the long game in mind. I pray this will enlighten you on being responsible your health and well-being. There are so many lectures like this out there, being censored. We know when something is censored to this degree, there is truth.

Be Healthy and Be Blessed,

Marianne King

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