Will You pick Pizzazz & Notoriety over Foundation & Education?

I will also share Jack’s sentiments. Thanks for sharing Aaron. Fitness and wellness go hand in hand. It is not about how buff or skinny you can be but the quality in which your trainer guides you to the “movements” that are appropriate for you and your body. I even try to stay away from the word exercises, as it has negative connotations. If your trainer is all pizzazz and notoriety but no foundation in mechanics then move along to someone that does. With 35 years in the fitness industry I have seen fads come and go. People being injured from inappropriate training. Look for education, knowledge and commitment to your journey. www.mkfitness4life.com Also an enormous shout out to my mentor in mechanics Joe DeAntonis! Open link for Jack’s assessment of this article too.

Fame, Fashion or Function????


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