Outdoor Fitness Programs:Findlay Township

I am starting OUTDOOR FITNESS programs 
the week of May 25
Findlay Township

173 Industry Dr. RIDC Park West 15275
back parking lot, empty building w/ green windows

Stability, Mobility and Strength Program:
Tuesdays 9:30-10:30am
Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

$10 a class-drop in rate
Please bring a mat

Weather permitting- please send me your cell number if interested so I can keep everyone updated on weather conditions. 412-760-7171

We will follow health & spatial guidelines. Progressively move us back into better health since most have had lapses in wellness programming the last few months.

We will explore full range of motion to bring back our health and vitality. Use our own body weight as resistance and hopefully introduce tubing and band work. We ALL can use time outside.

Training outdoors is invigorating for your body as well as your soul! Let your body absorb needed vitamin D. Let’s get out of the house, off the computer, away from the TV and Zoom and allow someone to watch your children. They can also play around the area we will be.

Come join us for and stimulating, enjoyable and community spirited group program. Let’s make some new social connected that were absent during the quarantine. I think we all have greater appreciation of our social connections!

I also offer personal training session outside.

Looking forward to seeing you and guiding us back to improved fitness.

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