Current Training options:on-line, outside, print/video/virtual

I hope this correspondence finds you healthy, safe and at peace that each day is filled with blessings in the mist of this trial.

How things have changed in the past 3 weeks. We have gone from our usual lifestyle to having to be disciplined, socially apart, learning to deal with using less. Some of us are finding out our true strengths, priorities and possibly some of our weakness have come to the surface.;-) Regardless of where we are, we are learning and growing in ways we never imagined. Helping others, helping our children with school work, more video conferences, quieting our souls. We will all come out of this experience with new outlooks, more diverse strategies, stronger constitutions and hopefully a greater gratitude for the abundance of what we have in the US.

I wanted to share with you my current training options during this time of social distancing (I am starting to dislike those words) that clients are taking advantage of. I am currently offering more video sessions and “take home” exercise programs you can perform on your own by print, pictures and video clips. I am using my creativity by also taking training outside with a some clients on good days using only with my clients equipment (no cross use of equipment) and the ability to use the safe and hygienic 6 foot recommendation separation but still get in some type of physical activity.  Our new temporary (or longer) outdoor “sterile-social distancing” kind of training. I train clients outside all summer so I do have quite a repertoire of exercise programming using limited equipment and keeping physical distancing.

As we are charting new waters, I hope these resources may be beneficial to some of you. Even as the gyms reopen, you may be hesitate to return for a while. Outdoor or private training may be a valuable alternative… and who doesn’t need to be outdoors more anyway!

Please give me a jingle if any of these options may assist you in staying healthy-physically, mentally & spiritually…and sane! 😂

I think we will have a much greater appreciation for our “physical” social connections and friendships after this. We shall recover Stronger, Better, Faster! Wait wasn’t that the Lee Majors in the 6 Million Dollar Man. 😜 We still need to keep some humor in our lives. Be well, be safe and my prayers are you and your family are able to come through this trial with new positive life perspectives. Faith pushes away fear.

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