Sharon wanted to share her story

June 2, 2019

My name is Sharon Yeomans. I turned 60 in May of this year. Last Oct, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left wrist. I did what the doctor said, minimal exercises with my fingers, squeezing, bending, etc.             In April, I saw Marianne King at church and as we conversed, I mentioned my hand and was rubbing my wrist. She said, “I can help you with that.”  I’ve known her for years and did not know her to exaggerate so I said “OK”.

April 15th, I met with her for an hour. She tested my joint range of motion to see if one side was imbalanced or if I had pain, then she’d strength test what looked dysfunctional. If she found a weak muscle, she’d palpate are area then immediately retest it. I tell you, that felt really good! When I came to Marianne, my wrist was still painful, and I couldn’t even hold a cup. When I finished with her the first day. I could hold a cup and the pain had lessened. She sent me home with the right exercises for my issue to do daily not just ones someone puled out of a book. I went back the next week, she tested and treated again. It wasn’t as bad as the week before and got continually better.  She then gave me additional exercises for home. I was amazed, because after the surgery and the little the doctor told me to do, I was almost worst off in a different way after the surgery than before. It was frustrating.

I went back for the next five weeks, getting additional exercises to do at home. Each visit, I needed less testing as I was feeling better every day! Marianne explained each step and why some “traditional stuff” wasn’t working. She found my wrist issues were coming from my shoulder and back and treated that. I now do arm/back work one day, leg/floor work a different day using bands and elastic tubing which gives me strength as I stretch the muscles at the same time from Marianne. I would HIGHLY recommend you see Marianne before considering going under the knife.

I went to the chiropractor for 30 years and NEVER felt better; going twice a week. Since I’ve gone to Marianne and have been doing the exercises, my back, neck, joints and most importantly, my left wrist feel 100% better!  A few weeks ago, when I was leaving my session with Marianne, I go, “I really don’t feel like I don’t have to go to the chiropractor anymore!” I am very grateful to have run into Marianne at church. I believe it was meant to be.  I tell all my friends about her. At our age, it’s good to know someone who can help our worn-out bodies when we just feel like we have to live with pain, discomfort, tightness or surgery that normal medical avenues didn’t fully address.

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