Strength & Stability for our local dance studio

Posted on social media from a client and dance studio owner.

We had another successful Strength & Stability master class w/ Marianne King’s Fitness for Life. Marianne educated the girls on the importance of staying strong & stable for a healthy & injury free dancer’s body w/ bands & tubing. If you need professional support, assessment & treatment of muscle imbalances, injuries or overuse, Marianne is the the one to go to! After a year out of a hip replacement, I was still having severe pain in & around my hip joint. Through proper assessment of muscle chain imbalances, muscle therapy & isometrics, she was able to eliminate the pain none of my physical therapy sessions were able to accomplish!!! Whether you are a dancer, athlete, or the average person needing relief from muscle pain, tightness or weakness Marianne is the master! Praise God she has the gifts and skills to heal so many physical imbalances.


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