Honoring your mind, spirit & body where you are!

If anyone is struggling right now read on. On Halloween God blessed me w/ a little extra time to take a bike ride on a very warm day for Oct. 31. Being 8 1/2 yrs out from my brain tumor diagnosis & chemo, I still have hormone inconsistencies which can leave me quite fatigued every once in a while. Well, it was one of those days on Halloween. I knew I was going a bit slower than normal. I got to the hill that I hate and I didn’t have MY “normal strength & power”. I go “geez why am I so tired, frustrated?” Well God put me in my place. He goes ” It doesn’t matter why, slow down & enjoy my view.” So I listened & had to take to heart what I instill in my clients. I slowed down, took a few extra pictures. (most of you know that is my hobby) saw some things I normally don’t. Smelled the fall leaves (you know stop & smell the roses!) So that day it wasn’t about how hard I could go but how healthy I could be in that moment in & on God’s terms. I will never be “where I was prior to chemo” but I have learned to love & embrace where I am as God’s child. It isn’t about who has the best butt or biceps when we meet our heavenly father. It is about that we respected & loved ourselves & are faithful to what God has for us in our relationship with him. Feeling strong in my faith which in turn makes me strong in “his” body he gave me. Thankful Ilistened.Challenge yourself and honor yourself!!



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