Never Have Exercised

Fitness for Life says it all for me. Most of us are born with the innate ability to move freely, exercise, and work strongly with our bodies. Then life happens, a twisted ankle, a fall, a sport injury, childbirth, overuse of our muscles, uncomfortable shoes, a bicycle or car accident, or the natural onset of arthritis. With Marianne’s God given ability and training, she was able to locate my own body’s weaknesses from doing life, and “wake up” muscles that had been shut down. I felt immediate strength that first day she used muscle activation therapy that overtook the painful areas in my body! I hadn’t been able to sit comfortably for years, I had so much back pain! I couldn’t even play with my grandchildren.Exercise was so foreign to me. Marianne taught me simple movements that progressed and graduated to differing levels of movement, along with a host of information to live my life in balance and health. I went to her 6 months ago with the inability to sit, walk, or exercise pain free and now I am gratefully feeling “fit for life”! ”

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