Reflection Develops Growth

As we reflect on 2016, what have each of us gleaned? Out of our experiences comes personal development. Have the trials you faced this past year developed strength, perseverance, character?…failures-new goals, determination, purpose?…successes-humbleness, sharing, joy? What will these past experiences bring to your future maturity? If we are not learning, growing and expanding our physical, mental & spiritual lives we stay where we are. Write down your 2016 experiences. How can each experience develop our future capabilities? What areas in your life needs reflection & fulfilment? I am humbled to have served my clients & participants. What a joy it is to watch each one grow, obtain goals & improve their wellness journey. I thank the dear Lord for allowing me this gift. A jubilant New Year to you & your loved ones from our staff, my family and myself! Marked by Grace, Marianne King-your humble servant.

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