September Strategy Special


September Strategy Special. Been off schedule this summer? Busy with the kids? Vacation blow outs? Just off your normal routine? Let us help to re-build an effective strategy for your wellness goals. With personal training you can reach goals quickly, safety & enjoy your physical activity. We design programs that you can appreciate. Activity that is undesirable, is unsustainable.
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(good until September 31)

School’s back in session & that means more sitting for a population that needs to move to be mentally & physically healthy! Have you been keeping your kids active this summer? If so, you may be concerned about how to keep that up now. Students need at least 60 minutes a day of movement. If your student is not in involved in a sport where are some ways to keep them active. Get them outside, turn the TV off , start the day off with a stretch. We are the only mammals that don’t do that! Animals actively stretch automatically when they get up. It gets the blood flowing and the soft tissue moving. Have family fitness fun nights. Make normal chores fun & active. Go to the park. Do sometime together. Do not under estimate time spent together. Even if your kids groan, take them outside. It just might be one of the things they remember most when they are grown. Keep it simple and fun. Don’t call it exercise. That is too structured for a child’s creative mind. They want to laugh, jump, bounce, twist, toss, roll…. and remember we adults need the movement as much as your children!

Need help? Let us design a youth fitness class for your children’s group of friends, for your family-outdoor/indoor. Youth sports training.


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