Important Per-Exercise Actions

Besides the two mentioned in this article-hydration and fueling, one needs to stabilize, stabilize, stabilize. That can include-isometrics, light band work with holds, range of motion work, various planks, core work dependent on the activity one is preparing for. Avoid passive static stretching prior to your activity, it can increase instability and increase risk of injury. Choose stabilizing exercises that will enhance the activity of choice. i.e. Walk before you run, practice arms movements, some small rotational moments. Make sure you add some trunk stability work (notice I do not say “just abs”. )This means everything from your shoulders to your pelvis. Stabilizing doesn’t stop at your abs!  I have successfully manipulated MANY clients’ and class participants’ warm-ups to match the physical activity they are planing to take part in. Weather you are a sports nut or a mature adult looking to improve your said activity, warm-up safety. Proper warm-ups are essential. Too many times I see on our Montour Trail runners warm-up up by excessively passively stretching the heck out of their calves to a range of movement their are NEVER going to go into with they run. So why do it? …Because we have been trained and told to go to the “hard so good” place for too many years. When we are warming up, be activity specific and practice elastic moves after stabilizing. Not sure what all that means? Feeling too much joint pain after an activity? There may more effective ways to warm-up. Give me a call. I can help separate old training habits into new safe and effective habits.

2 Important things To Do Before Working Out

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