Get Back to Running Sensibly this Spring

We tend to what everything “now”… Information, meals, shows etc.. One area you must have patience in is your health. We don’t lose our health and fitness all at once, so we must allow proper progression and physical adaptation to regain our health safely. If we do not, we risk getting physically sore, fatigued and injuries. We can get frustrated and discouraged when we do not see immediate results and then possibly give up. Over all wellness is a life long journey to be enjoyed and maintained. Below are some tips on progressing your running if you have been inactive during the winter. If you need more personalized programming, give us a call. Sometimes you need professional to guide you through a safe and effective physical activity program designed specifically for you! Spring Special going on: purchase personal training 5 sessions, receive 1 FREE

Get Back to Running with These 5 Easy Tips

woman running

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