Month: October 2014

Adults Underestimate Effort Needed for Exercise Intensity

Making News: The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that individuals achieve at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Duration can be shorter if the intensity is vigorous. However, a recent report from York University’s School of Health in Toronto suggests that many people think they are exercising more intensely than they actually […]

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Is There a Downside to Artificial Sweeteners?

 More and more research is showing the gut is a major issue with so many health issue. Something “alternative practitioners, have known forever.” I hate using alternative because it isn’t alternative. It is what God has given was to heal ourselves. We don’t pay attention to what we put in our bodies that is unnatural […]

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The Same 5 Exercise Mistakes Women Tend to Make

The Same 5 Exercise Mistakes Women Tend to Make From: Health Magazine: From Best Shape/The Real Skinny (My further commentary in RED) 1. Considering workouts license to binge-One recent study in Marketing Letters found that people who were told a one-mile walk was for exercise ate about twice as much afterward as those informed the […]

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