Hiking in Acadia National Park

About a week ago we have the opportunity to visit our son Ki8-14 Maine Acaida (3)8-14 Maine Acaida (5)8-14 Maine Acaida (6)8-14 Maine Acaida (18)8-14 Maine Acaida (16)8-14 Maine Acaida8-14 Maine Arcaida (1)8-14 Maine Arcaida (5)8-14 Maine Arcaidaeran who was interning in Bath, Maine this summer. We were able to climb, I say climb because hiking would not be the word, as there were no switch backs, Cadillac Mt. in Acadia National Park. We had a great day with Kieran and a marvelous day to hike. We visited 6 different cities in Maine, each one more beautiful than the next! PLEASE go out and enjoy what nature has to offer. Nothing invigorates you more!  If you missed the early summer posts on various benefits of exercising outdoors, please scroll down and take a peak at past summer posts. blog. Thank you for letting us share our experie8-14 Maine Acaida (12)nce

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