Month: November 2013

Yoga postions to help with digestion- much neeeded during the holiday

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Eat smart… eat only what you need not what you want. Be thankful for your health by choosing food responsibly this holiday season so you do not regret the indulgences you make now in January. Get off the guilt train. Yoga positions to help Digestion from Health Magazine

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Exercise/Activity Recovery- How Much do you really need

Wonderful article on recovery for exercise. We focus so much on the HARD work-out/activity, we forget our bodies need time to reset to be able to “work” again. If we continue to always work “HARD” ours bodies can’t rebuild our energy to be active effectively once again. Listen to your body. Be sure you have […]

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Chronic Pain

CHRONIC PAIN… in numbers! Many of us are in pain. What are we doing about it? Chronic pain-pain that has lasted more than 3 months-is epidemic worldwide. 1.5 billion are feeling its effects. Here are some stats and facts about how chronic pain affects our lives…according to the Institute of Medicine, more than 116 million […]

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