Meditation Boosts WELLNESS

relax-for-healthMeditation Boosts

WELLNESS-quieting the mind & practicing presence carries innumerable benefits.

MINDFULNESS mediation- may play a role in preventing depression relapse and in managing chronic pain.

MEDITATION changes yours brain. Long-term mediators have more gyrification (folding) in the cortical brain than people who don’t meditate. The extra folds may help regulate distractions and improve cognitive function.

DEEP relaxation brought on from meditation may change bodies on a genetic level. Researchers found genes that protect from infertility, hypertension and Rheumatoid arthritis were switched on by the “relaxation effect.”

Just 12 MINUTES of meditation a day can make you more productive. A study in the journal Emotion found that mindfulness improves working memory, the “system we tap into for managing information controlling emotions, problem solving and complex thought.”

A REGULAR mediation practice has been associated with many positive health outcomes. As interest in meditation grows, researchers are finding a wealth of benefits that cross over into many areas of life.

KIDS with ADHD who practice Transcendental Meditation 10 minutes, 2 times a day improved significantly within 3-6 months.

IDEAFIT June 2013

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