Outdoor Experiences in Findlay Township!

“Outdoors Experiences” fitness program

Starts: Tuesday May 29th

6-week session $45


Tues (10-15 participants) & will add Thurs. (16 & above participants)

Meet @  173 Industry Dr. RIDC Park West, old US Airways Scheduling Center


Contact me today @ 724-695-2239 or mkfitness@comcast.net to reserve your spot.

Join w. a friend, receive a FREE gift!


Learn to…

  • Power walk
  • use tubing/bands outdoors
  • receive printed materials on exercises
  • partner work & circuit train
  • use the environment around you for exercises
  • how to have fun outside!
  • get some FRESH air!


What to bring: Water, towel, mat, tubing and band ( if you have one) We will have them to purchase at cost. Band $3, tubing $6

And you can always check the drop-down menu under Group Exercise to see the current classes offered!

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