Meditation Boosts WELLNESS

relax-for-healthMeditation Boosts

WELLNESS-quieting the mind & practicing presence carries innumerable benefits.

MINDFULNESS mediation- may play a role in preventing depression relapse and in managing chronic pain.

MEDITATION changes yours brain. Long-term mediators have more gyrification (folding) in the cortical brain than people who don’t meditate. The extra folds may help regulate distractions and improve cognitive function.

DEEP relaxation brought on from meditation may change bodies on a genetic level. Researchers found genes that protect from infertility, hypertension and Rheumatoid arthritis were switched on by the “relaxation effect.”

Just 12 MINUTES of meditation a day can make you more productive. A study in the journal Emotion found that mindfulness improves working memory, the “system we tap into for managing information controlling emotions, problem solving and complex thought.”

A REGULAR mediation practice has been associated with many positive health outcomes. As interest in meditation grows, researchers are finding a wealth of benefits that cross over into many areas of life.

KIDS with ADHD who practice Transcendental Meditation 10 minutes, 2 times a day improved significantly within 3-6 months.

IDEAFIT June 2013

Exercise Boosts function in Mature Adults

Exercise Boosts Function in Mature Adults In 2030 the older population will be twice as large as it was in 2000. Growing from 35 million to 72 million representing nearly 20% of the total US population, according to government projections…. Research continues to support PHYSICAL ACTIVITY as a way of staying healthy and functional in several key areas. Research reveals the many benefits of physical activity in later stages of life. * moderate cardiovascular and strength training programs enhance cognitive function in people 65 and over *International Journal of Exercise Science states that power training helps adults (mean age 70) improve ability to perform activities of daily living. ( This is not power lifting. 😉 ) *Regular exercise improves blood pressure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, lipid profile, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and overall morbidity and morality. IFrom: DEA Fit MAY 2013.

Aqua Fitness Classes start at Blackridge Swim Club!

We are offering Aqua Fitness classes starting June 18th for an intro session of 5-weeks.


Satrudays – 10-11am

Prices and details on our Balckridge link on our web-site.

Blackridge details/forms

limited space register early!


Joining with Blackridge Civic Association- starting with Summer Nights Salsa Lessons

Fitness for Life is proud to join BCA to offer fitness programs for your community.

We are starting with Summer Nights Salsa lessons with “Bring your own” Wine & Cheese party after.

Aqaua Fitness classes starting June 18th

Blackridge classes details/forms

Adding Aqua classes, senior classes, children’s and teen programs.

1200 Beulah Road• Pittsburgh PA•15235

Looking for a speaker for your next wellness or fitness event?

We offer lectures and workshops on a variety of wellness and fitness topics to business and communities. See our lectures link on our web-site for a full list of topics.

Outdoor Fitness Training/ Aqua Fitness

Our Outdoor group class has been cancelled BUT…

Outdoor training and Aqua/water fitness training in full swing! You can train one on one or in small group training up to 4 people-individual attention-less cost. Get outdoors while you can-it was a long winter. Have some fun, smile and be CHALLENGED to your fitness level.

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Chronic Pain

CHRONIC PAIN… in numbers! Many of us are in pain. What are we doing about it? Chronic pain-pain that has lasted more than 3 months-is epidemic worldwide. 1.5 billion are feeling its effects. Here are some stats and facts about how chronic pain affects our lives…according to the Institute of Medicine, more than 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain each year and costs the US up to $635 in medical treatment and lost productivity. According to the American Journal of Epidemiology, a relatively small amount of physical exercsie-1.0-1.9 hrs per week-lowers the risk of chronic pain in low back, neck, and shoulder,. My personal message. We MUST get rid of the idea that pills can fix us!!! They generally treat a symptom not the cause.

 In 2010 about 12 million Americans (aged 12 –WOW aged 12! or older) reported nonmedical use of prescription painkillers! Data Analysis showed that in nine out of ten studies, yoga practice alleviated pain for conditions ranging from chronic lower back pain to irritable bowel syndrome. (Amazing what ANY type of activity or exercise can do for your health, WHEN you find the righ…t program for you!) Fish Oil- may ease the inflammation and pain caused by many chronic conditions. The dose used in the most convincing research is 2-4 grams of DHA/EDA daily. (The QUALITY AND RATIO of oil used is important. Do your research. I can attest as well as others I know to the benefits of fish oil in regards to inflammation.) IDEA Fit
Let us help you reduce your chronic pain!

Belly Dancing Shimmies into the Suburbs!


Belly Dancing has come to the West Hills for the first time! Drive down Steubenville Pike in Imperial and you might just hear the jingle of coin skirts shaking to Egyptian music and laughter as women of all ages, shapes and sizes move the music that ranges from a powerful tribal beat to a flowing ancient beat. Take a look inside Just Dance Conservatory and you will these women, led by Susan Goelz, in smooth movements of beauty having a great deal of fun!

Everyone can take part in belly dancing because of the very limited impact on the joints. Yet, it is still a challenging workout.  It is not about being the thinnest or the fittest. It is about enjoying where you are and the pleasure of moving.

“As a professional dancer and fitness professional teaching many class formats, I thought taking belly dancing would be a snap. I quickly found out that was not the case. It takes the concentration of yoga, and the ability to isolate muscles you didn’t know could move by themselves.“ says Marianne King,  owner of Fitness for Life, who teamed up with Just Dance Conservatory to offer unique fitness programs in a comfortable supportive atmosphere.

King states, “Here, women can appreciate where with their bodies are, build relationships and connect with other women while enjoying the movement.”

Laugher from the entire class and unending encouragement from the instructor permeate the room. One of King’s priorities since becoming an independent business owner over 20 years ago was to offer programs to communities and businesses that are unique, of high quality and have an atmosphere of camaraderie and enjoyment.

Julie Podolinsky, a participant in class, comments, “Great class! Lots of fun! It’s amazing how differently you have to move your body from what you are accustomed and trained to do.”

Susan Goelz hopes to instill the love of movement in her participants while getting them to dress up a bit with their coins skirts and be a bit feminine. She also educates class participants on many areas of ancient and Middle Eastern dance. But don’t mistake enjoyment of the movement for seduction. That is not what learning ancient dances are all about. It is about getting together and learning the amazing ways one’s body moves, while learning different styles of shimmying, hip stabs and snakelike movements with isolated arm and leg progressions for a fantastic work-out. In Turkey, when there are no men around, women just whip off their head scarves, tie them to their waists and start dancing. It is not provocative at all but, rather, is about dancing and having fun together.

For more information on the Belly Dancing and Outdoor Fitness Fun Classes starting May 14th contact Marianne King at 724-695-2239, Or, visit the Web-site,

Belly Dancing classes Imperial PA

Burr it’s cold outside… Heat up with some Belly Dancing!

We will be having an Intro Belly Dancing class this Tuesday 9:15-10:15am @ Just Dance Conservatory, Essex Plaza Imperial, for those of you who would like to try an NEW and FUN to move and groove. Fee is $12.00

We will be adding Belly Dancing on Saturdays starting Apr. 6th 10-11am. It will be a 4 week intro session. Please register by replying to this e-mail. Special $40 intro price for all 4 classes. $12.00 walk-in fee