Student Hip Hop Cardio Party

We are having a student Hip Hop Cardio Party on Friday March 15th 7-8:30pm at Just Dance Conservatory Imperial PA Essex Plaza. Pizza after the class. Fee $8.00 We are offering a comfortable non-competitive atmosphere where the local West Allegheny and surrounding students can peel away from those electronics and have time to enjoy each other and to tear up the floor with some Hip Hop moves! Call, e-mail to reserve a spot! Let’s get some jam on!

Body Toning Belly Dancing Starting!

We are starting Body Toning Belly Dancing classes at the Federal Building in Downtown Pittsburgh starting Tuesday February 19th 12:10-12:50 pm. We will run 6-week sessions.

See our Federal Building classes link on our web-site

Friends can help or hinder you in your wellness goals

Friends’ Impact on Weight Loss – read on

Friends can help or hinder your wellness goals!
Come join us at Just Dance Conservatory for AM Zumba and Core/Pilates and surround yourself with people that will encourage and support you. We finish each class with an inspirational quote, devotional or Bible verse with application!

Downtown Pittsburgh Fitness Classes @ the Federal Building


Classes Open to ALL!
Next 6-week fitness class session begins the week of Jan. 7th
All fitness levels welcome & run in 6-week sessions!
Classes are held at the Federal Building at 1000 Liberty and Grant St., 24th floor.
Photo ID required

No-Sweat Core & More Mondays: 11:00  to 11:45 am
Strength & Stability  Wednesdays: 11:00-11:45am



New AM fitness class @ Just Dance Convervatory Imperial PA


Marianne King’s Fitness for Life
Starting January 8th Running 6-week Sessions
New Fitness classes for West Hills @ Just Dance Conservatory,7900 Steubenville Pike, EssexPlaza, Imperial PA 15126
No membership fees ▪ comfortable atmosphere ▪ personal attention
Please register by replying by e-mail or calling Marianne King
Tuesday & Friday – Zumba! 9:15-10:15am   
Thursdays – Cutting to the Core – Pilates based 9:15-10:15am   
Let your kids dance while you work-out! 2-3 year old Creative Movement & Combo classes will be taughtduring the adult exercise classes.$55 a month


Marianne King’s Fitness for Life New Year’s Personal Training special

 Marianne King’s Fitness for Life PERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING special
Purchase 4 personal training sessions & receive your consult FREE. $40 value
Purchase 8 personal training sessions-receive the consult FREE & your 9th session is FREE. $95 value. Good for new clients only & until January 31, 2013

 “Personal Achievement … Personal Fitness Training.” Personal Achievement Starts with Personal Fitness.” The two go hand in hand. Let us guide you toward your goal of better health and better fitness through a personalized fitness program designed just for you and your wellness needs.. For some people, on-on-one is the only way to go in determining and enacting their fitness program. Whether class times and locations are difficult to fit into your schedule or you’d just like to be in the comfort of your own home. “Let us design a program for you that is attainable, sustainable & enjoyable”

Outdoor Experiences in Findlay Township!

“Outdoors Experiences” fitness program

Starts: Tuesday May 29th

6-week session $45


Tues (10-15 participants) & will add Thurs. (16 & above participants)

Meet @  173 Industry Dr. RIDC Park West, old US Airways Scheduling Center


Contact me today @ 724-695-2239 or to reserve your spot.

Join w. a friend, receive a FREE gift!


Learn to…

  • Power walk
  • use tubing/bands outdoors
  • receive printed materials on exercises
  • partner work & circuit train
  • use the environment around you for exercises
  • how to have fun outside!
  • get some FRESH air!


What to bring: Water, towel, mat, tubing and band ( if you have one) We will have them to purchase at cost. Band $3, tubing $6

And you can always check the drop-down menu under Group Exercise to see the current classes offered!

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Through years of poor posture habits, myofacial restrictions, stress, trying to suck in the abdomen and a host of other factors, we’ve steadily removed our diaphragms from the breathing equation and begun to rely on the upper-chest accessory muscles to accomplish this all-important task. Shallow and/or quick breathing ( extreme cases are referred to as hyperventilation) is associated with many negative health consequences, including respiratory alkalosis, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, decreased pain threshold and allergies. Poor breathing can increase chronic neck and shoulder pain and influence core stability. Identifying poor breathing habits and correcting dysfunctional habits can assist you in excelling in your physical pursuits.-Nicole Nelson