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Breast Cancer Survivors

It’s fitness inspiration for you or someone you love. https://ideafit.com/fitness-library/breast-cancer-survivors-and-group-exercise

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Sharon wanted to share her story

June 2, 2019 My name is Sharon Yeomans. I turned 60 in May of this year. Last Oct, I had arthroscopic surgery on my left wrist. I did what the doctor said, minimal exercises with my fingers, squeezing, bending, etc.             In April, I saw Marianne King at church and as we conversed, I mentioned my […]

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Goals-how will you respond to a challenge today?

How can we support you in meeting your goals in your wellness journey? We look at the end game! Over all health and wellness is not just reps and sets. Anyone can count but not everyone can help you devise a strategy that is attainable, sustainable and enjoyable for a LIFETIME.

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Cardio and/or Strength or both

Cardio or strength training? Which workout is best, and which can you cut from your exercise routine? https://bit.ly/2R4sXuk If you are not sure what movement is best for your goals, give us a call. Our annual holiday special starts Dec. 1 Purchase 6 personal training sessions, receive one FREE of new clients.

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Women and Dementia

Physically fit women nearly 90 percent less likely to develop dementia. https://bit.ly/2GuNYtf

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Never Have Exercised

Fitness for Life says it all for me. Most of us are born with the innate ability to move freely, exercise, and work strongly with our bodies. Then life happens, a twisted ankle, a fall, a sport injury, childbirth, overuse of our muscles, uncomfortable shoes, a bicycle or car accident, or the natural onset of […]

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Summer Strength, Stability, Mobility & Flexibility Master class for dancers

Our summer student workshop on “mobility, stability, flexibility and safely increasing your range of motion. At Just Dance Conservatory. Presented by Marianne King’s Fitness for Life. Past dancer and now fitness professional. Injury rehab, injury prevention, dancer’s and athlete’s training. VBB4xfxIS9OxK07gjpMejg

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