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What is your challenging climb right now?

The best view comes after a challenging climb. What area in your life is challenging right now? Work, Family, Faith, Health. God asks us to climb beside him not by ourselves. Need help with your climb right now? Give me a call to see how I can serve you to make that climb effective and […]

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Goals-how will you respond to a challenge today?

How can we support you in meeting your goals in your wellness journey? We look at the end game! Over all health and wellness is not just reps and sets. Anyone can count but not everyone can help you devise a strategy that is attainable, sustainable and enjoyable for a LIFETIME.

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Strength & Stability for our local dance studio

Posted on social media from a client and dance studio owner. We had another successful Strength & Stability master class w/ Marianne King’s Fitness for Life. Marianne educated the girls on the importance of staying strong & stable for a healthy & injury free dancer’s body w/ bands & tubing. If you need professional support, […]

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