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Outdoor Experiences in Findlay Township!

“Outdoors Experiences” fitness program Starts: Tuesday May 29th 6-week session $45 5:15-6:15pm Tues (10-15 participants) & will add Thurs. (16 & above participants) Meet @  173 Industry Dr. RIDC Park West, old US Airways Scheduling Center   Contact me today @ 724-695-2239 or to reserve your spot. Join w. a friend, receive a FREE […]

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Diaphragmatic Breathing

Through years of poor posture habits, myofacial restrictions, stress, trying to suck in the abdomen and a host of other factors, we’ve steadily removed our diaphragms from the breathing equation and begun to rely on the upper-chest accessory muscles to accomplish this all-important task. Shallow and/or quick breathing ( extreme cases are referred to as […]

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Coconut Oil?

Coconut Oil: Dietary Friend, Foe…or Fad?

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